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I’m moving from Gainesville, Florida to San Francisco, California to pursue my dream career as a model and photographer. Eventually I want to open a studio with my fiance.

Unfortunately cross-country moves are expensive. I’ll be working my way across the country to help with funding, but once I get out there I’ll need to buy new furniture and a new bed that’s better for my back (since my current once sets off my Fibromyalgia), any help you can give me with the move would be greatly appreciated and I would love you forever! 
And if you donate, there’s rewards involved!

Any help is appreciated. <3

Please check out this link.

Huge thank you to anyone that’s helped out so far! I just wanted to repost this in case anyone missed it. I’m trying to follow my dream, and anything you can do, no matter how small, would mean so much to me.

Help a good friend plz

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